Japan in depth

Day 01

Enjoy the unmatched view of Tokyo from the observatory

First day of a very wonderful, unique and exciting tour to Japan, by boarding a flight to Tokyo.

On arrival at the Tokyo international airport, our experienced and professional Tour Manager / Local Representative will receive you in the arrival hall outside the customs area.

After check-in, and a brief rest, we shall visit the observatory of the Tokyo City hall from where you will get an unmatched view of the city of Tokyo.

Dinner will be at your service at a authentic Indian restaurant. Overnight stay Hotel in Tokyo.

98.jpgTokyo 16.jpg

Day 02


BUFFET AT HOTELwe are proceeding on a guided tour of Tokyo.

A visit to the 7th Century Buddhist temple - the Sensoji Temple in the Asa Kusa Kanon district is a must in Tokyo.

Later visit the Nakamise Shopping Arcade, where you have a chance to buy some local Japanese souvenirs, a perfect way to buy gifts for freinds and relatives.


We will visit the Toyota Car Theme Park.

Check out the range of Toyota cars, right from the yesteryears till the brand new collection.

You also have a chance to test ride a car.

We will later, drive down to one of the most expensive and posh locality of Tokyo GINZA, to enjoy the glamour and gala of Tokyo, where in better times a 3sq.m land used to cost millions of dollars.


Tokyo 1.jpgGinza 1.jpg

Day 03



After checking-out from the hotel with a small gesture of thankyou to the staff, we are about to take a ride in the most prestigious trains of the world, The Bullet train, known as Shinkansen in Japan.

A 2 + hour ride will take us to Kyoto.

The most serene city and ancient capital of Japan.

Start the day auspiciously and visit The Nijyo castle, the house of one of the most powerful general(shogun) of Japan.

About time to go to.UNESCO world heritage site, Kinkakuji, the golden temple, the best known tourist site in Kyoto, where the walls covered in gold glitters in the green garden of trees and pond, giving you remenencises of our very own golden temple. Kiyomizu temple( pure water temple) is next on our list. The ongoing flow of visitors at this ancient temple from all over the world makes it one of the most signature world heritage site and the view from the 13m high balcony jutting out from the main hall is something you will have to visit four times to experience all four seasons of Japan.


Gion walk:- The city's most famous entertainment district, and the centre of its traditional arts.

Gion is known as Kyoto's most famous geisha district. Packed with bars, restaurants and traditional teahouses, Gion is at its most atmospheric in the early evening, when the lanterns are lit and apprentice geisha will flit about the back streets on their way to their appointments.

Geisha(a Japanese hostess trained to entertain men with conversation, dance, and song ) Interspersed among the restaurants are a number of ochaya (teahouses), the most exclusive and expensive of Kyoto's dining establishments, where guests are entertained by maiko and geiko.(versions of Geisha)

Nijo JO Kyoto.jpg11.jpg

Day 04


First stop take a luxurious cruise tour in aqualiner!? just sit back and enjoy the one hour elegant ride and enjoy the city view from many different angles. Just for your information Osaka is known to be the capital of rivers, and the one hour!? ride will be choc-a-bloc with many landmarks of Osaka.

Second stop at dougyasuji (cooking tools street) well as the name suggests, this is your chance to buy some very useful but unique cooking tools which we propose will remain healthy in your kitchen for a very very long time. Doguyasuji (cooking tools street) is a stretch of covered shopping space in Nanba, Osaka. It's also very fun for housewives to visit! Though comparitively a tad expensive but qualitywise its a cheap buy. There is something for everyone.


After an Indian lunch we walk and we walk.

The shopping arcade from Namba to Shinsaibashi is packed with so many shops on both sides of the street that for sure, your each and every wish to buy anything to carry back home will be fulfilled. Get ready to hold onto several shopping bags.

Later if you still have enough stamina left, we are for sure visiting one of the biggest electronic mall of the country, where I wonder in the electronic field, what is not available??


Osaka shinsaibashi.JPG aqa.jpg

Day 05


A architecture wonder is the castle of Osaka, and specially after the renovations, the monument is all the more shining and jaw-dropping.

The inside, the outside and the surroundings will immediately transport you to the ninjya era of Japan, which was built using 60000 labourers in 18 months.

Absolute gem of a castle, hard to believe it was damged quite a few times in its lifetime. Get ready to shop at tenjim-bashi-suji shopping arcade, the longest in the whole of Japan, at 2.6km. Hope 600 shops are enough for a memorable shopping.


OPTION 1) spend three hours at SPA WORLD Though India do not possess the culture of experiencing hot spring, we may say for sure, we are loosing out on a very healthy unique opportunity if we keep it that way.

At spaworld we will be able to checkout hotwater spring from many different countries, all under one roof, divided into european and asian zone. Let us add that the saunas from different parts of the world are refreshing enough to reset your body for the rest of your magnificent tour.(saunas extra charge)

OPTION 2) visit Osaka aquarium kaiyukan Osaka aquarium is one of Japan's most spectacular aquariums, world-renowned for its innovative presentation.

It shows the aquatic animals of the Pacific Rim at their most vibrant and dynamic, by recreating the natural environment of their habitats. The encounter with 30,000 creatures encompassing 620 species--including otters, sea lions, penguins, dolphins, whale sharks, rays, and jellyfish, to name just a few--will prove a deeply rewarding experience.


1Osaka 1.jpg1603_takashimaya02_main.jpg

Day 06


Our first stop on day 6 is Himeji Castle, also known as White Heron Castle (Shirasagijo) due to its elegant, white appearance, is widely considered Japan's most spectacular castle for its imposing size and beauty and its well preserved, complex castle grounds.

The castle is both a national treasure and a world heritage site. Unlike many other Japanese castles, it was never destroyed by war, earthquake or fire and survives to this day as one of the country's twelve original castles.

The castle recently underwent extensive renovation over several years and was fully re-opened to the public in March 2015. LUNCH climb upto rokko mountain, terrace garden, music box museum etc, climb down to harbourland, walk around look around After that satisfying lunch time to digest that food by climbing upto the mountains(do not worry, transportation will be provided, ofcourse) feel the greenery, the vastness of nature, the pleasant and transparent shrill clean air, and to sum it all up, the 10 million dollar view from the observatory as evening proceeds, a picture here will go straight to the confines of your drawing room walls.

Walk down the decks at harbourland with the sweet salty aroma of the ocean in the background the elegant shops and restaurants spread across. MOSAIC too stretches along the waterfront and offers a wide selection of restaurants. Many of the eateries overlook the harbor with views of Kobe Port Tower and the Kobe Maritime Museum across the water, which are especially nice in the evenings when they are illuminated


10.jpgA_TENRAN CAFE .jpg

Day 07


After breakfast we take a coach to Wakayama prefecture.Kumano NACHI SHRINE is a Shinto shrine located halfway up Nachi Mountain, about 350 meters above sea level. It has its religious origin in the ancient nature worship of Nachi's waterfall. This grand shrine is part of the Kumano Sanzan and major pilgrimage destination.

NACHI WATERFALL Nachi-no-Otaki is 133 meters high and 13 meters wide, it is the tallest waterfall in Japan and can been seen from far out on the Pacific Ocean. Nachi-no-Otaki's water source is the surrounding broad-leaf evergreen primeval forest. It is a sanctuary of Kumano Nachi Taisha and thus has been protected since ancient times and is used for ascetic training by mountain monks who practice Shugendo, a mixed religion of foreign and indigenous beliefs.

NACHI WATERFALL Nachi-no-Otaki is 133 meters high and 13 meters wide, it is the tallest waterfall in Japan and can been seen from far out on the Pacific Ocean. Nachi-no-Otaki's water source is the surrounding broad-leaf evergreen primeval forest. It is a sanctuary of Kumano Nachi Taisha and thus has been protected since ancient times and is used for ascetic training by mountain monks who practice Shugendo, a mixed religion of foreign and indigenous beliefs.

7.pngWakayama 1.jpg

KUMANO KODO Weather permitted, a walk in kumano kodo(a pilgrimage walk) in the kumano mountains is highy recommended. It's one of only two pilgrimages in the world registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. (Spain's Way of St. James is the other.)

SHIRAHAMA has one of the most popular beaches in the whole of Japan, just a walk on the shores, hand in hand with your soul-mate will transport you to the era when you started your life to-gether. As evening sets in we calmly head to Engetsuto Island a symbol of Shirahama. Renowned for its arch, the island is the Kansai region's foremost spot for viewing sunsets.

Day 08

Return flight from Kansai airport

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