IMG_2796.JPG Journey Japan & MS tourists has a combined staff of Japanese and Indians working as proffessionals, to build a cultural and entertaining bridge between India & Japan. Our Japanese staff has been in action, since last thirty years aiming to take care of the tourists who arrive in droves from China, Taiwan Vietnam and other Asian countries.

With the expertise of Sunny Francis ( combined experience of residing in Japan for more than 50 years) hailing from India,we are very much keen and enthusiastic to tap the vast Indian market.

Amalgamating their vast knowledge regarding both the countries, we have a upper hand in the following...

***thorough knowledge of both country's language
***overcoming all kind of food barriers for vegetarians, non-vegetarians, Jains, halal etc
***having warm relations with over 200 Indian restaurants where all kinds of whims & fancies will be taken care of(meanwhile also taking care of non-Indian food)
***knowing the pulse of Indians regarding their taste in tourism and produce tourism courses accordingly.
***coming up with entertaining, instructive, tourism-filled courses where the gravity is placed not only on individuals but also on families with kids, youngsters, & corporates.

keeping all this points in mind, we assure you, the contents of the course, the language barrier,food, all will turn into one of the most unique, memorable, satisfactory and value-driven holiday package.

which eventually will culminate our patrons to become our biggest advertisers.


Please keep in mind our thirty years of experience has made us  Serve to over more than 100,000 travellers.
It will be our pleasure to make all kinds of travel arrangements, once you set foot in Japan, from your exciting arrival till a smiling departure.

Striking a balance of the very best advanced technology in the travel industry, in combination with superior customer service, will result into a highly efficient solution to satisfy all your travel needs,by commiting to your requests and working to achieve it to exceed your expectations.

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My name is Isao Nakao, I am 55 years old. I live in Kobe the Kansai region of Japan.

My job at Journey Japan is to create interesting and worth visiting routes for Indians who will be coming from India, along with my collegues.

Already we have planned a few packages at Journey japan which I am sure will be liked by the Indians.

After China, Korea and Taiwan, I feel it's the right time for the Indians to visit Japan. Japan is a very beautiful country and if you visit this place at the right time like spring and autumn as well as summer and winter, you will be pleased to know that there is something for everyone in this country.

I will keep on preparing courses and routes and pray all indians will visit Japan once in their life time.

senn you all in Japan, Namashkar!

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