The Golden Course

Day 01
Visit t0 Observatory of the Tokyo tower.

Congratulations on your exciting tour to Japan. On arrival at the Tokyo International Airport, our staff will meet you in the arrival hall outside the customs area.

After checking in into your hotel, freshen up, enjoy a short rest, then we will be going to the observatory of one of Tokyo's symbol, The Tokyo metropolitan building.. The view from the observatory will be eye-pleasing enough to dissolve your exhaustion.


Overnight stay at Hotel in Tokyo


Day 02

Visit the Asakusa Kanon temple & Toyota car theme park.


A guided tour to one of the must see attractions of Tokyo, 7th century Buddhist temple, The sensoji temple in the Asakusa Kanon district is first in line. Followed by buying souvenirs and gifts at the Nakamise shopping arcade.


visit the Toyota Car Theme Park. On display is a vast range of Toyota cars, right from the yesteryear classics till the brand new collection. A test ride might just be possible...

we drive to Ginza, Tokyo's most famous up-market shopping, dining and entertainment district, with numerous department stores and boutiques, featuring virtually every leading brand name in fashion and cosmetics, art galleries, restaurants, night clubs and cafes.


Overnight stay at hotel in Tokyo


Day 03
Enjoy Modern Tokyo


One full day we are dedicating to one of the most hip city of the world, Tokyo. Find yourself entangled in the heart of Tokyo, the Shibuya scramble crossroads, checkout how an old brewery area gets converted into a posh locality at Yebisu garden. The area itself is so posh that any photograph from any angle will be asset to your album.

Daikanyama is a place visited by the rich and elegant to celebrate their status of being a celebrity,shopping or window-shopping just a casual walk around is enough to make you feel a celebrity.


The neon lighted Roppongi is a hustle bustle district wellknown as the city's most popular nightlife district among foreigners, offering a large number of eating joints< bars< restaurants and night clubs. Roppongi as well as the adjoining areas are home to many embassies and a large expat community.



Day 04

Mount Fuji Tour. Experience a Bullet Train ride to Kyoto.


Travel by coach halfway up Japan's highest mountain, Mt Fuji, to enjoy a spectacular view from a height of 2,300 metres. Weather permitting the view from the 5th station is amazing.



Now here is your chance to ride one of the most prestigious trains in the world, The Bullet train, known as Shinkansen in Japan. Experience the speed of 250+km per hour. The calmness and smoothness in the interior of the train is praiseworthy personified, and by the time you realise we will touch Kyoto.

Tonight enjoy an Indian Dinner.

Overnight at Hotel in kyoto

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Day 05

Guided city tour of Kyoto


Our first halt is at The Nijyo castle, the house of one of the most powerful Shogun(general) of Japan. The intricate and exquisite works on the castle will be a treat to the eyes.

About time to go to UNESCO world heritage site, Kinkakuji, the golden temple, the best known tourist site in Kyoto, where the walls covered in gold glitters alongwith the green garden and trees in the serene pond. A visiual gem and a 100% shutter moment.

Kiyomizu temple(pure water temple) is a signature world heritage site of Kyoto Japan and is visited by a storm of non-stop visitors from all over the world.The wooden stage that's juts out from the main hall is 13m above the hill below,which changes colors all year round.


Gion walk:- The city's most famous entertainment district and the centre of its traditional arts.As you walk along cobblestone streets past tea houses, pagodas, rickshaw riders and kimono-clad geishas, you can't help but feel like you've gone back in time. Walk, look Shop feel and inhale the true essence of Kyoto.


and overnight stay in Kyoto.


Day 06



Let's get romantic by hoping on to

this TOROKKO(Sagano romantic train) a 7.3km of romance, wild cherry blossom in spring, cool breezy cicadas in the summer, the rainbow colors of the mountain(see pic) in fall and the pure white winter ensures, you have one of the most romantic times of your life. After disembarking, starts one of your most thrilling and heart-in-your-mouth boat ride of 16kms down the Hozu river in a traditional bamboo boat. Staring in awe at the changing colors of the mountain, the big boulders, scenic spots, narrow passages and a heavy flow of water, especially after the rains will make this trip of yours a cherishing experience.


A coach will transport you to Nara city. Time to visit one of the most famous and historically significant temples of Japan. Todaiji. The big Buddhist hall in the temple is the world's largest wooden bldg., and it houses one of the biggest bronze statues of Buddha(15m)Another popular attraction is a pillar with a hole in its base, the size of Buddha's statue's nostril, anyone who can squeeze thru it will be granted enlightenment in their next birth.

A quick visit to the Todaiji museum answers most of your queries regarding one of the oldest Buddhist temples of the world.

BTW for inner peace lot of visitors feed the deer in the adjoining park.

One km wide and one km long is the Heijo castle's vicinity and we are surely visiting this old capital' castle of Japan.


Day 07

Day Trip to Osaka

After breakfast at the hotel.

The highlight of the day is none other than Osaka Castle, a proud emblem of 16th-century Japan, in a otherwise city filled with modern skyscrapers and blinding neon lights. Learn about the life of the castle's founder, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, as you browse through an impressive collection of weapons, folding screens and other artefacts when you climb the various levels of the castle tower. Just like how the shoguns(generals) would have surveyed their land from the top of their castle, you too can enjoy far-reaching views of the city from the top floor.

Lunch at Indian restaurant

Later,Visit one of the biggest and best electronics mall in Japan.

FREE TIME, walk through one of the longest shopping arcade of Japan, The Shinsaibashi-Namba shopping arcade, surrounded by thousands of, all kinds of shops.

Dinner at Indian restaurant 


Day 08

Return flight from Kansai airport

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