Since last five years inbound in Japan was at its peak and we atJourneyJapan did our very best to make a small contribution in ourvery own way to accommodate as many inbound guests as possible from India. Guests from India comparing to other countries have to betaken care real good specially with their food preferences and that iswhere are our expertise was put to use along with communication.All this came to a standstill courtesy Corona virus. since last January business is nil and we sat twiddling our thumbs for a long time, butfortunately it also gave us ample time to think and think hard for allthe other options available. It lead us to these trading world. We are from India but settled down in Japan since long and these one aspect we could put into use for good. Exporting from Japan and importing from India is one of the most natural step we can take in-between this crisis till things are back to normal. Hence till our travel co-ordinating do not sway back in full swing we would really like to do some tradingstarting with Organic mangoes from India and exporting recycled plastic materials from Japan.



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